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Our Purpose and Mission -

Kenya Mercy Ministries, Inc. (KMM) exists to financially support the Mamlaka Foundation whose mission is to serve the urban poor in Kenya. This mission is accomplished through a Christian witness of word and deed by meeting the spiritual, social, physical, and mental needs of the people it serves in a manner that brings glory to Jesus Christ.

KMM receives funds from individuals, organizations, and churches in the United States, and makes grants to the Mamlaka Foundation for support of its ministries in Kenya. All grants are considered based on proposals from the Mamlaka Foundation and are approved by the KMM Board of Directors, which is composed of individuals that have a desire to support the work of the Mamlaka Foundation. The Mamlaka Foundation, under the direction of Imbumi and Martha Makuku, uses these funds to support the ministries of the Kibera Reformed Presbyterian Church and school in Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya and the Shunem Home in Kesnia, Kenya.

KMM receives, records, and acknowledges all funds donated for the Mamlaka Foundation with transparency, fiscal responsibility, and accountability to donors, recipients of the funds, and regulatory agencies. The KMM Board of Directors carefully and prayerfully considers all grant proposals to ensure that they are consistent with the purposes of the Mamlaka Foundation and that all funds are used for the purpose for which they are intended.

KMM is classified as a section 501(c)(3) public charity by the Internal Revenue Service. The Mamlaka Foundation is registered with the Kenyan government as a non-profit charity ministry.

Latest News:

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2021 Makuku's Safari newsletter

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ, greetings in His holy name of Jesus.

We are thankful that the Lord has continued to extend His hand of grace in our lives in these perilous times. Thank you for partnering with us in raising a generation through the sponsorship program here in Kibera. We currently have 177kids in the program

Our outreach ministries to families and especially children have resumed. The government has allowed schools and places of worship to reopen tough under strict Covid guideline. We thank Him for this opportunity to continue serving our flock which has many unique needs.

Mamlaka Christian School re-opened at the beginning of May. Attendance hovers around 95% because of occasional sicknesses and care of younger siblings. This account to 150 kids daily. During Covid, some families relocated to their rural home. Sometimes families may return to the city, but often times they do not. Our school a serves warm well-balanced lunch, provide textbooks and create a child-friendly environment. This has resulted in flourishing students physically, intellectually and spiritually. Our number of those completing high school continues to increase, especial young girls. Our sponsored kids are slowly but surely mastering the new curriculum. Each school day is begun with and ends in prayer. The Counselling Department has been strengthened to address pressing issues faced by the students. A big number come from dysfunctional families, so many children raise themselves. They say a picture is worth a thousand words!!

Our first-time meeting Joseph, who was being raised by her 12-year-old sister. He was very sick with a severe skin condition, and he could hardly keep anything down. Though he was not sponsored at the time, he needed immediate medical and nutrition support.

Joseph looking healthy with his sister. They live at church while attending Mamlaka school.

Joseph now sponsored and attending class.

Our ministry rescue to children starts even before any child is matched with a sponsor. Every sponsorship dime received is stretched to the maximum!

We continue to be grateful for the solar lighting and the new classrooms. Light makes a huge difference! The expansion of the school has also worked wonders.

Our school goal continues to be “Education for Exultation.” This has meant allowing students to discover the linkage between what they study in class and its relationship to the Bible. Once the kids conclude high school, they come to give back to the school as they wait for the next steps in adult life. The response continues to be great as a lot of the students attending church regularly.

The Shunem Family Shelter has also been hectic, especially during times of lockdown. This is a home for the most vulnerable. Those who came earlier are now teenagers. God has used the lockdown for them to work on their little vegetable garden patches. These helps feed both themselves and the school kids in Kibera. They are disciplined in their school work and diligently do their homework before they have time for play in the evening. God continues to use them mightily in their high schools in leadership positions. It also helps that they are good in academics.

Three of the Shunem girls have finished high school. They are working on acquiring official government documentation. Meanwhile, they are volunteering at the School with four others who also finished. Their joy is exuberant, as they attended the school while it was a mud structure. Giving back to the ministry is a concept that we continue to reinforce. It has been a great joy to see how the children respond positively in the maths and science classes. College placement takes place in September. They also help lead in congregational music on Sundays, teach the Bible to their peers and help in the kitchen. They are part of a vibrant prayer group at the church. We are humbled by what God has done in their lives.

The young adults who have come to give back to the school after completing high school. They started off at Mamlaka school 17yrs ago.

Shunem family. They enjoy each other’s company.

Sponsored kids during a music lesson.

Working on the farm is a family affair (shelter kids work one hour a day during school holidays).

Praise God for the farm. We are blessed with good rains and look forward to a bumper harvest. In addition, we have added some calves for milk and meet in the future. We also raise poultry and kids enjoy a good supply of eggs.

Pray for us in these areas, please:

  • Pray for high school and college support for the students.

  • We hope also to grow sponsorship by 40 kids by the end of the year.

  • Pray for the outreach ministries that the Lord will go before us and continue to bring many into the kingdom.

  • Pray for the entire Kibera team that God will keep us healthy and safe during this pandemic period.

Thanks so much for your prayers and support over the years. We pray that He will make a way for us to be together in person. Meanwhile, Zoom will suffice for now.


Imbumi and Muthoni Makuku