Mamlaka Grounds

The Mamlaka Grounds are about 20km outside of Nairobi. The grounds house the Shunem Family Home where rescued and orphaned children reside in a family setting. House mothers ensure that each child is responsible for specific tasks and that spiritual and emotional needs are met. The land provides food from the gardens and is home to cows, goats, and chickens. The land is used to host camps for the children of Kibera, and also serves as a home for the missions teams that visit throughout the year. The well provides water that is sold to local residents, and allows the ministry of KRPC to extend to the local community. In 2013, the Hope Community Church was started on the grounds to minister to neighbors.

The long-term goal for the 20-acre site outside Nairobi is to be totally self-sufficient. The property now has a water supply, sewage disposal, electricity, a grist mill, greenhouses, drip irrigation, and an Internet wireless hotspot. A multi-acre vegetable garden, goats, sheep, chickens, and rabbits provide nutritious food for the kids at the Shunem Family Home. The vision for the future is to grow and raise enough food for both the Home residents and the school lunch program. Future plans include having a fish pond with edible fish, dairy cows, floral gardens, and agroforestry. Plans are to plant some 1000 additional trees on the property. Since only about 1% of Kenya has forest cover, these trees will be quite marketable in the future.

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On the Mamlaka Grounds: Shunem Family Home, Hope Community Church, ongoing Development

The Shunem Family Home on the Mamlaka Grounds

Housing, Hope Community Church, and "the Farmhouse"