KMM Board Members

The KMM Board of Directors is responsible for receiving, recording, and acknowledging all donations. Grant requests from the Mamlaka Foundation are reviewed and approved by the Board, which then ensures that the funds are used for the stated purposes. The Board consists of individuals from various churches that are partnered with Imbumi and Martha, some for many years. All the Board members have visited the facilities in Kenya at least once, are committed to the work in Kenya, and have personally supported it through donations, child sponsorship, missions trips, and often all of the above.

Todd Graham, President - McLean Presbyterian Church

Jeff Brown - Ketoctin Covenant Presbyterian Church

Karen Chambers - Christ Covenant Church

Cindy Neal - Trinity Church

Al Reinken - Christ Covenant Church

Lucy Treene - McLean Presbyterian Church

Imbumi Makuku, Non-voting member - Kibera Reformed Presbyterian Church