As the Mamlaka Foundation has grown to serve the people of Kibera, the Makukus have expanded the scope of the ministry. The original intent was to plant a church, the Kibera Reformed Presbyterian Church (KRPC). In addition to regular Sunday services there were weekly Bible studies and other programs. It soon became clear that to better serve the people of Kibera, particularly the children, the church should expand and start a school. This became the KRPC School. As difficult situations came to the attention of the Makukus, they realized that they needed to have a place where they could safely house children, mostly girls, who were in extremely bad situations of abuse or abandonment. The Shunem Family Home was started to meet that need. As the Shunem Family Home grew so did the vision of the Mamlaka Foundation. As they outgrew their rented home, a temporary home was constructed, and land was purchased with the intent of providing a permanent location for the Shunem Family Home. This land became known as the Mamlaka Grounds. While continuing to grow the church in Kibera the Mamlaka Foundation also began to minister to their new neighbors. This led to the planting of the Hope Community Church.

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