Shunem Family Home

The Shunem Family Home started as a girl’s shelter where KRPC housed young women that were in dire circumstances. The Mamlaka Grounds are the third location of the home and the first one owned by the Mamlaka Foundation. There are currently about 15 young ladies living in the home. On occasion rescued boys live elsewhere on the property, and plans are being made for expanding the housing to accommodate more children in need.

The Shunem Home is a place where the kids can blossom and begin to see their full potential come to the fore. They attend public school and come back to the Home where they receive nurture and healing through the tender care of the caregivers. The housemothers help them with homework and other life issues so that they will be able to successively navigate through life. Their time at the shelter is one where they are able to grow in confidence, have higher aspirations in life and also put into practice Christian values that they have learned at the Home, church and the youth meetings and camps that the church hosts for them. Their extended families visit the children monthly so that the connection to their people is not lost. The girls at the home form the bulk of the worship team and also help with Sunday school and youth leadership teams. During the school holidays, they help with chores in the house and in the garden so that the value of hard work is instilled for a successful life.

The Shunem Girls

The Shunem Family Home