KRPC School

The school was started soon after the church. Not only does it provide a solid Biblical education for the students, it allows the KRPC and school staff to form relationships with the children and their families, ensure they are fed at least once during the school day, and monitor their health and well being.

The school provides a solid education following the national curriculum. The school motto is ‘Education for Exultation,’ blending academics and Biblical studies. Imbumi remarks, “It is a light to the community.” The education the students receive is meant to give them a foothold in the marketplace by equipping them to compete on equal terms with peers from other parts of the city. The church, through sponsors, provides the children with textbooks, pays trained teachers and helps with the physical needs of the children through a lunch program. By attending school, students are provided with a wholesome lunch five days a week, something they would not otherwise have. A ‘Baby Class’ program has been started so as to be able to provide nutritious meals to pre-schoolers.

Over the decade that the church has been in existence, those young people who have gone through the school program now form the core of the teaching staff and also serve as the church worship team, Sunday school teachers and youth leaders.

Pastor Imbumi with the kids of the KRPC school during lunch

Smiling faces of some KRPC students

KRPC students and their teacher in the classroom