Mamlaka Christian School

Mamlaka Christian School, sponsored by KRPC, has been reaching out to vulnerable children from dysfunctional families in the vast Kibera slum of Nairobi for over 20 yearsThe church, through sponsors, provides the children with textbooks, pays trained teachers and helps with the physical needs of the children.  The school motto is ‘Education for Exultation,’ blending academics and Biblical studies.  The school seeks to impact students spiritually with God's Word, offer holistic education, and a well-balanced school lunch diet.  By attending school, students are provided with a wholesome lunch five days a week, something they would not otherwise have.  The education the students receive is meant to give them a foothold in the marketplace by equipping them to compete on equal terms with peers from other parts of the city.

All week long, the kids also receive both group and individual counseling.  Their mental health has improved greatly, as seen in school attendance that is close to 100%.  Counseling has helped them grow in body, mind, and spirit.  All this brings glory to Jesus Christ, as everything they do is centered around Him.

Over the years, they have also rescued children who can no longer live with their families due to issues such as alcoholism, abandonment, and the parents absconding from their responsibilities.  Some have had serious medical conditions, others were close to death due to starvation.  We give glory to God that He has continued to provide and continues to seal these life-threatening fissures. 

This safe environment has transformed the lives of many children who otherwise would fall through the cracks.  Many of the kids rescued over the past years are now giving back and serving at the school, forming the core of the teaching staff and also serving as the church worship team, Sunday school teachers and youth leaders.  We thank God for His unchanging faithfulness.  

Pastor Imbumi with the kids of the KRPC school during lunch

Smiling faces of some KRPC students

KRPC students and their teacher in the classroom